A Long and Winding Absence

It’s been a long time, kids.

One hurricane, several film festivals, and a universe of confusion and heartbreak later (it seems to be running rampant amongst the populace these days, don’t ask me why), I have returned to continue this project with renewed fervor.

(You know what Gary Oldman has to say about obstacles: “Fuck ’em.  Shortest prayer in the world.“)

Much has happened in my absence from the blog-o-sphere; as for what, I intend to unwind and chronicle it here.  It’s a funny time in New York, that necessitates recording.  (Besides which, it is now wintertime – the best time of the year for fashion, as far as I’m concerned, and one that deserves to be writ down in pictures.)

All in all, I hope this note finds you well.

Much love from New York, that New Byzantium – and cheers to what is past, or passing, or to come.

Glasses: Burberry.  Dress, Helmut Lang.

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