Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Burgundy, Fox, Fur, Hat, Headwrap, Merlot, Red, F/W 2012, A/W 2012

Greetings, comrades!  As you may have noticed on the nightly news, Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 60th birthday on Sunday, to all the usual fanfare and criticism.  Despite my less-than-glowing opinions of the man himself, I have decided to honor the occasion here, in some capacity; after all, one has to take full advantage when such a character makes an appearance on the world stage, and if Mr. Putin graces me with the opportunity to dress up like a Bond villain and frame it as political commentary, then by Gods, I’m going to take it.

As you can see, the strength of this look is clearly on top: that is, this burgundy foxfur headwrap, purchased two autumns ago in New York at a mysterious, long-since forgotten Midtown sample sale.

Burgundy (or merlot, oxblood, garnet, et al) and fur are two of my very favorite trends for fall, and I am fairly excited about the way this piece hits the mark for the season. I wear it with everything, from casual Sunday sweaters to evening gowns, though it probably sees the most wear just as you see it here: with a little black dancing dress and a lot of bare skin.  (The reformed raver kid in me loves a furry hat and a tiny outfit. It’s a very pragmatic approach, at parties…)

Though of course I have to admit that there is something about this outfit that might be more at home trolling for millionaires on the Internet or posing from the pages of the 2010 Vladimir Vladimirovich, We Love You!  Happy Birthday, Mr. Putin calendar than it would be wining and dining through New York’s finer establishments, I also have to admit that this is exactly what’s so fun about the character it creates.

Just call me Foxy Tailova (or something).

Na zdorovje!

Merlot Foxfur, Mystery NY Sample Sale; Dress, Nasty Gal; Necklace, Room Service Vintage, Austin, TX.

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