Time, Squared

Times Square, Maxwell's Equations, Light, Electromagnetism

Times Square, 11 July 2012,  10:00 p.m.

Gauss's Law, Maxwell's Equations

Gauss's Law, Magnetism, Maxwell's Equations

Ampere's Law, Maxwell's Equations, Times Square, New YorkFaraday's Law, Maxwell's Equations, Electromagnetism, Light, New York, Times Square

I don’t care what they say, or how many tourists go:

When the going gets tough, I am glad to be able to stand in the middle of that great big beating heart of the Cosmos and observe a certain interconnectedness to my fellow man.

Come what may, it’s a temple.

“Time is what keeps the light from reaching us; there is no greater obstacle to God than Time.” 

– Meister Eckhart

Above: Maxwell’s Equations for Electricity and Magnetism.

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