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Between the Ears

“A quantum object cannot be said to manifest in ordinary space-time reality until we observe it as a particle.  Consciousness collapses the wave-function of a particle.” – Amit Goswami, The Self-Aware Universe It’s nice when you meet someone, and the … Continue reading

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Spheres of Manifestation

se•phi•ra ( /səˈfi(ə)rə ) : (In cabalism) each of the ten attributes or emanations surrounding the Infinite and by means of which it relates to the finite. They are represented as spheres on the Tree of Life. Just like anything, an individual … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Greetings, comrades!  As you may have noticed on the nightly news, Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 60th birthday on Sunday, to all the usual fanfare and criticism.  Despite my less-than-glowing opinions of the man himself, I have decided to … Continue reading

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