Skin (At Zadig & Voltaire)

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There are certain summer days that are so unbearably hot that you just don’t want anything touching you – especially your skin.

Wandering around SoHo recently on a particularly Seventh-Circle-style afternoon, I ducked into Zadig & Voltaire and emerged with this t-shirt.  Initially I was lured in by the sale and the air conditioning (short of a deep-freeze, retail will do), but stayed long enough to troll through the racks in a serious attempt to modify my casual summer wardrobe.

(“Casual” and “Summer” are and have always been the least-developed areas of my closet,  creating an uncomfortable situation which can’t help but take on a sense of emergency on dog days like this one – when, for example, even the wearing of sleeves can feel like a luxury.)

White t-shirts seem to be an ideal solution, though in point of fact I own very few of them.  It’s difficult to find a good one, more difficult and frustrating for me than finding a good dress; most are too long, too thick, too curvy, too comically oversized, say silly things on them, or are just too goddamned boring.  (I know that most of the world has already been well on board for years with the idea of finding the “perfect t-shirt,” though I am admittedly late to the table; I find it far too easy to make a misstep and go from insouciant-causal to just plain sloppy, and most days I feel it’s simpler to just put on a dress and not think about it).

This offering from Z&V strikes a great balance, though – cut deliberately oversized out of good cotton that drapes nicely and will age well in the wash.  Best of all, the open, cutwork-style snakeskin back makes the whole thing feel purposeful.

I plan to wear it with this ring I bummed from my Grandma Helen’s jewelry box, which I think she said she found some years ago at an estate sale in Connecticut.  I wear this piece quite often, actually; you can see in the picture that the metallic finish is starting to chip, which (at this point) only improves its charm.  Here, I find its texture compliments the t-shirt in a very pleasing, biophiliac-kind of way.

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Zadig & Voltaire, Tshirt, t shirt, t-shirt, white, summer dressing

En fin.  Stay cool, friends.  Shed your skin, but keep your head.

Outfit: T-shirt, Zadig & Voltaire; Bandage skirt, BCBG.

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