Hollywood, 1954

Vintage Photos, 1950's, Hollywood, Kim Burlingham, Helen Burlingham, Joseph Milliun
Hollywood, CA; August 1954

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom, born 58 years ago this day in Hollywood, CA!

In celebration of my mother (and also inspired slightly by Scott Schuman’s “Vintage Photos” series on The Sartorialist), I present this image here, which I rescued from a shoebox or suitcase in my Grandma’s closet and scanned some time ago.

Pictured are my Grandma, Helen Milliun Burlingham, my Mom, Kim Burlingham (here around a month old), and my Great-Grandpa, Juozas Miliunas (Joseph Milliun), who comprise three generations on the Lithuanian side of the family.

(Also worth noting: my Great-Grandpa Joe’s bow tie.  Bow ties are cool.)

A million-billion Happy Birthdays to you, Mom, now and for many wonderful years to come – the Cosmos would be a darker place without you.  Live Long and Prosper!

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