Higgs & Kisses!

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In honor of the news from Cern today, I felt a ceremonial post was most assuredly in order.  While the true ramifications of the newly-discovered Higgs-like particle remain undefined, there is no reason why we shouldn’t set a place in our thoughts today to recognize and celebrate the beauty of human endeavor – even (and especially) in the face of further questions and unknowns.  The Universe is as it ever was, awash in wonder and mystery.

Today might well be Independence Day in the States, but on this particular occasion I choose instead to diverge down a slightly different track:

Rather than observing strict “independence,” per se, let us instead have tolerance and empathy for all living things in the elegant Universe,  and raise our glasses to the sky in celebration of light, love, and all that bonds us together.

I can think of no better way to honor this idea than with a kiss, shared with someone near and dear and perhaps prepared with a glossy swipe of red in honor of the holiday – though this season, the red in question might in fact be more of an orange.  (Ah well.  Just pretend that you are that much closer to your beloved.)

Hugest of hugs and a rocketful of virtual smooches to you all, friends, today and every day.  And cheers to the “God” Particle; be it real or un- , secular or Divine, let us simply enjoy this tiny facet of reality which – on this day – we have been privileged to ponder and observe.  After all, quoth Hot Chip: “A church is not for praying; it’s for celebrating the light that bleeds through the pane.”

Pictured: Sephora + Pantone Universe “Color of the Year 2012” Limited Edition Creme Lipstick in Tangerine Tango, available at Sephora.



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